Apostroph in person: Julia Torchalla

Julia Torchalla joined Apostroph as an intern in 2016 – and liked it so much she accepted a permanent role in the Lucerne team in January 2017. Julia read languages, literature and cultural studies in Dresden and went on to gain a bachelor’s degree in Romance Studies (majoring in French), followed by a master’s in English language and literature. She loves being able to use her languages for her work at Apostroph – it’s a great advantage for clients and translators alike with whom she is in daily contact. As a project manager with a determination to succeed, she’s particularly keen to pick up new skills.

Nurturing a strong sense of purpose and commitment, she can get a little impatient when things don’t go quite as quickly as she might wish. Ideally, she would do everything at once – which has cost her a few sleepless nights.

Julia’s thirst for knowledge also extends to her private life: she’s currently spending her spare time exploring her new host country, friend in tow. Family and friends are the most important thing in her life, and overall she’s very much a “people person”. That’s just as well, since one of her favourite destinations is London with its 8.8 million or so inhabitants! Aside from city breaks, Julia – a self-styled harmony-seeking optimist with a zest for life – is also a big fan of beach holidays and hiking – so long as it’s somewhere warm!