Apostroph in person: Larissa Stalder

Larissa Stalder, promoted Key Account Manager (effective May 2018) after just one year at Apostroph, knows her mind. A native of Sursee, she already has a BSc in Business Administration with a major in Marketing under her belt. She’s currently studying part-time towards an MSc in Business Administration with a focus on strategic business development. This specialisation is proving an excellent fit with her duties at Apostroph, where she works out of the Zurich office. Her responsibilities include growing the client base, dealing with our major clients and monitoring large projects in collaboration with the project managers. She particularly enjoys visiting clients for reviews, kick-off meetings and so forth. She also shoulders a fair amount of responsibility when it comes to negotiations. These call for an ability to perform detailed analyses of the relevant stakeholders and take account of their interests, as well as tactical intelligence. She’s happy only when a win-win situation has been achieved for both sides – the way she sees it, this is key to the success of the future or continuing relationship.

Larissa Stalder is able to give free rein to her professional ambitions at Apostroph Group, which fully supports her in her aspirations. She appreciates the freedom the company affords its staff in terms of determining their spheres of responsibility – and new ideas and constructive criticism are always welcome.

“Learn from the past, dream of the future, live in the present”: advice heeded by this freedom-loving, at times somewhat impatient young woman. In her limited free time, she enjoys meeting up with friends and family and discovering stunning locations around the world. Adventures are never far away!

Having a full diary at work means she really values a recently rediscovered passion by way of relaxation: painting abstract images gives her creativity free rein – and she pours the resulting energy into advancing the many and varied goals she’d like to achieve in life.