Apostroph in person: Silvana Camenisch

Since March 2016 Silvana Camenisch has been injecting some of her native Graubünden camaraderie into the Apostroph team in Bern. A cheerful personality, her role as project manager finds her receiving and processing orders, preparing quotes and maintaining relations with the translators. For her, variety is the spice of life – she likes the fact that every day in the office is different and that every job is interesting in its own way. It’s just as well, as Silvana Camenisch is flexible, enthusiastic and keen to learn. She shares this thirst for the new with her favourite author, Mark Twain, whose books she devours in the original English – did we mention she studied English and Romansch at university? 

Away from the desk, Silvana Camenisch, who hails from the Surselva region of her native canton, enjoys visiting new places, meeting up with friends or nibbling popcorn at the cinema. Her family roots come to the fore in winter, when she takes advantage of her visits to the Surselva to keep her hand in on ski slopes or do a spot of sledging for fun. She enjoys the summer heat and the easy-going ambience of Bern’s Marzili outdoor pool and has been known to swim in the Aare down there as well. 

«The main thing is to have something exciting to do!» She spends her holidays visiting major cities and small islands, and she’s been as far as the Andes in Ecuador. When not travelling, she treats herself to winter weekends in a wellness spa, stocking up on energy and warmth in readiness for the following week’s work in the Apostroph office.