Apostroph takes off

Hustle and bustle – up above as well as down below

Apostroph was part of the action at this year’s 61st Gordon Bennett Cup on Friday, 8 September, when 22 high-tech gas balloons rose into Gruyere’s mild evening air: as the race’s sole language services provider both in the run-up to and during the event, Apostroph ensured that the teams from 13 different countries felt welcome in Switzerland, as well as at home in terms of language. The battle for first place was hotly contested in this, the world’s oldest and most prestigious gas balloon race. Experienced pilots, including winners and runners-up in the World Championships, fought the race out to the line. Gathered at the Fribourg fairground, the spectators received regular updates on the state of play, and live tracking gave them a pilot’s eye view, so to speak. The winning team from France landed in Estonia, which meant they covered a distance of no less than 1835 kilometres as the crow flies. Well done!

Apostroph’s team of translators provided high-flying achievements of a linguistic nature during the course of the air sports festival between 8 and 10 September. In complete contrast to the competitors in their coloured balloons and parachutists with their heads in the clouds, we at Apostroph remained feet firmly on the ground in terms of language services by providing the wonderful spectacle with the benefit of our know-how – a fact that contributed much to the sense of spectator participation.

Put your trust in Apostroph’s language services – and achieve new heights in communication!