Corporate speak

The noble art of consistent communication

When it comes to big business communications in Europe, these days there’s no getting away from English. In Switzerland, words like management, human resources and leadership have found their way into the German language, as spoken by senior management (or CEOs and managers, as the Swiss call them!). Corporate language is the icing on the communications cake of successful organisations.

Apostroph Group’s on hand to make sure your advertising copy, mailshots, headlines, printed products and texts are enticing and consistently appetising: our highly qualified language professionals tailor their work to your in-house linguistic guidelines, language conventions, communication rules, glossaries and so forth – the more, the merrier! They customise their translations to your requirements, so your organisation benefits from a consistent linguistic presence worldwide. That’s the all-embracing, high-quality service offered by Apostroph Group, in keeping with our motto: Swiss firm. Swiss quality.