Financial communications worth their weight in gold

Company reports that are linguistically expressive and transparent

Complex rows of figures and endless technical terms – some might say jargon – from the worlds of finance and business: compiling a company report is rather a dry affair. Even so, the document has to end up error-free and unambiguous, because it’s not only communicating financial results, but also projecting the company’s image to the outside world.

So it’s good that Apostroph exists. Our language professionals understand IFRS and Swiss GAAP FER – even between the lines – and observe our clients’ corporate wording specifications by using continuously updated MultiTerm databases and translation memories. They deliver high quality results even under time pressure. By proofreading and correcting more than 50 of our clients’ company reports a year and translating them into a variety of languages, we’re able to draw on a deep well of experience.

Why not entrust your company reports to us? We’ll do whatever’s necessary to ensure its linguistic quality, so your stakeholders come away with a greater appreciation of your organisation.

And another thing... This year, we’re again supporting award ceremonies, including the Swiss Annual Report Rating event. Who knows, your company report could soon find you standing on the winners’ podium! Apostroph Group – strong in language, shoulder-to-shoulder with winners.