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Peace, joy, freedom

Apostroph is creating history

Did they really do it? Did the Confederacy really send the Hapsburgs packing and secure their freedom on the battlefields around the Ägerisee, 700 years ago? Generations of schoolchildren have learned that the Confederacy's fight to free itself from Hapsburg rule began at Morgarten in 1315. 

Today, the scientific evidence presents a more nuanced view. In this commemorative year, the "Morgarten – 700 Years of Historical Adventure" project offers a variety of opportunities to get to grips with Swiss history. A newly designed information centre and a Morgarten Trail convey the latest findings about the political, social and economic dimensions of events at Morgarten in a stimulating and engaging way. There is also an open-air musical spectacular that encourages the audience to engage with history with all their senses. 

The primary aim of the project management team set up by the Cantons of Zug and Schwyz was to create something sustainable. An important part of the project was therefore to provide teaching materials for Swiss schools. That is where the Apostroph Group entered into the hurly-burly of the battle. For this historic project, we are massing our linguistic forces and translating the original German materials into French and Italian. After all, even now proper understanding is the first step towards peace.